Three Popular Types Of Granite Worktops

If you’re looking for high-quality worktops that will provide a great benefit to your family and will blend well with the current colour scheme in your kitchen, then you have come to the right place.

Granite comes from numerous locations around the world, and each of these specific locations produce a specific look and colour of the stone. Here are some of the most popular types of granite worktops that you can seamlessly add to your next kitchen revamp:

The Black Granite

Black Granite Worktop
Black Granite Worktop

Opting for a pure black granite is great idea if you want your kitchen to have a bit of drama and flair. This could also work if you have an unusually coloured cabinets that you don’t want to re-paint or get rid of.

Black matches with everything and so it would still look sophisticated no matter the backdrop. These types of granite worktops can easily blend with any other dark colours, so if you don’t want your kitchen to look gloomy, make sure to have some contrast and variation between each elements.

The Costa Esmeralda

Costa Esmeralda Granite Worktop
Costa Esmeralda Granite Worktop

This is a type of granite surface that comes in hues of blue to grey to green. It usually has blended veins as well. This granite material has less prominent colour contrasts, which are very common in light-coloured granites slabs with dark inclusions. This granite surface is also cooler and can be used to bring in a seaside ambiance into your space.

The Bianco Romano

Bianco <a  href=
Romano Granite Worktops" width="736" height="507" /> Bianco Romano Granite Worktops

This specific material is a light, Italian granite. If you want your kitchen to look bright and sunny, then opt for this type of granite worktops and mix it with warm-toned cabinets.

The Bianco Romano has a variety of light colours, but it also includes black and grey. This is ideal for when you want to add in some metallics in your space such as silver, copper, and gold. Light granite worktops can also be good for preparing meals, as the ingredients will stand out against the worktop exceptionally well.

Choose any of these Granite worktops and give your home some stylish upgrade!


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