Do you Protect your Most Valuable Assets During an Office Move?

There are many elements to mull over when performing an office move, so it is little wonder that protecting valuable assets is not something that a business focuses on when they are looking for moving companies. This is especially true if the move is on a smaller scale, and the company may feel that they don’t need the help of a corporate moving service to facilitate the move. There are many benefits to hiring people to ensure the safety of all your expensive equipment, such as computers, as well asmore sensitive materials like private documents. No brand wants their business becoming someone else’s!


office move
office move

You Get Guarantees

All commercial office moving companies will have insurance that covers them for the purpose of your move. Essentially you are migrating your risk over to the company themselves, and if anything is lost, stolen or damaged you will be able to claim back the money on either your insurance or theirs. This is anefficient way to get guarantees, meaning no sleepless nights for a company director!

 They Have Secure Transport

This is also down to insurance, as well as within the transport itself. If you are going to try and tackle the move yourself, it is likely you will do this in either a hired van or your own car. Each of these vehicles will not be secure enough for moving an office, and security is essential for most businesses, no matter what the size! If you hire corporate commercial office moving companies, they will have specialist, secure vehicles that are purpose built for moving expensive items prone to damage or potential theft. Secure transport is the way to go.

It Saves you the Hassle

When you’re thinking about paying out for professionals to help move your office, it can be easy to get lured into thinking you can do it yourself with ease, and at less cost. This is not always the case though, because along with the equipment you also need to move your staff. Inevitably, they will all have questions on the day.This means that as well as trying to take care of and shift your expensive equipment, you will also be fielding questions from your staff. It would be much more enjoyable for yourself and your staff if you are not tied down to guarding cars full of IT and other assorted items! Enjoying the move will make everything go much more smoothly, trust me…

They Have Done this Before

When you hire office movers, you’re buying a guaranteed safe pair of hands. They have completed moves like this thousands of times for a multitude of different companies, and they know exactly what they are doing. From start to finish they will have a plan, and know exactly where to go or what to do next. They will have thought out, in depth, how they are going to keep all your equipment secure throughout the entire process. This ranges from loading the van at the old office, to the journey, and then ultimately arriving at your destination and unpacking your stuff! They will more than likely utilise two members of staff or more for a corporate move, so even if you are only a small business there will still be someone there to keep their eye on the assets whilst the other is doing all the heavy lifting. They will have a processes and procedure in place every step of the way, to ensure your items are secure. What more could you ask for?


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